Final Assignment:

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Overview of fashion in Russia with a focus on “Vika Gazinskaya”

Overall Information:

Russian fashion is mainly famous around the world from it’s kitschy and extravagant side. There are a few reasons that helped people to form this cliché. One of them is the rich business magnets that made easy money on reselling natural resources and therefore were trying to show off by spending a ridiculous amount of money However, most of the people in the country are less fortunate and cannot afford to buy high end brands what doesn’t stop them from following their own trends and being interested in fashion in a way that they understand it. (that probably explains the amount of Swarowski crystals that russian ladies consume) .

Another things to say is that fashion in Russia is mostly consumed by women not men, in fact interest in fashion among men is not welcomed by the society.

Moreover the fact that Russia is a home country for people of many different nationalities makes fashion very local and distinctive, not to forget that Russia and local celebrities in particular are the role models for people from nearby “soviet camp” countries (eg. Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan)

Moscow-Fashion Capital

The one place where you can see all the latest trends of Russian fashion is the capital of the country, Moscow.

Filled with immigrants, foreigners, rich Russians and middle class people it creates a unique mixture of cultures, classes.

The whole concept of shopping changed for Russian people and from small post soviet boutiques they moved on to huge department stores because that’s something they’ve been lacking during their communist past.

Here’re a few top department stores in Moscow:


TSUM, local high end department store

TSUM, opened a while ago and immediately became a hotspot for Moscow’s high-so croud


another department store GUM

one of the oldest department stores in Russia is filled with all the important brands for russian people like: Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce&Gabanna


Barvixa Luxury Village

and last but not least Burvixa Luxury Village that is filled with expensive stuff and despite the crisis customers are keep on coming

Even though there is a wide variety of merchandize in each of this stores  I would say the clothes look pretty similar as Russian women tend to have a similar taste, as they all share the same concept of sexy and seductive look you need to wear 24/7 regardless what your age is. Also i felt it’s important to include a brief information about these stores  because at some point buyers of those stores form  a taste of Russian high-so crowd and introduce a new  trend so lately it will reach other regions of the country.

For other who cant afford shopping at expensive stores there is a variety of other places to go to, luckily mass market brands like Zara, TopShop, H&M are well presented around the country

Types of Customers

There is a very little of middle class in russia, mostly Russian people are one of  2 extremes, either really rich or  really poor. Also, there is no such thing as an average income, because of the corrupted economic situation but 15000 rubles per months in considered to be a good salary, while cleaning ladies, sales girls etc get around 6000-7000 rubles per month.

unfortunately, but a typical lower class woman in Russia


typical Russian high-so woman

Spotlight on a designer: Vika Gazinskaya

Vika Gazinskaya

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Vika Gazinskaya (designer and main inspiration of the brand) was born in Moscow, Russia. She always had a very strong interest in fashion and fashion design in particular. No wonder that after graduating from high school she decided to try herself in fashion and got into one of a few fashion schools in Russia. Her major was “costume design”. Before graduating she already showed herself as a designer with a strong identity by taking part in a famous, fashion design scholarship program “Russian Silhouette” and winning it. Later, her designs were presented in Italy as a part of Russian Cultural Festival.

After graduating she got her scholarship in a famous fur and leather goods producing brand “Saga Furs” in Denmark. In a year 2003 she was hired as a Fashion Editor of “L’Officiel”, Russian edition. In a year 2006 Vika decided to create her own fashion brand named by herself “Vika Gazinskaya”, she did it together with her friend of many years and a famous Russian It-girl Miroslava Duma. Her collections fully match with her personal style and show futuristic view on fashion

Since then, she’s been noticed by fashion bloggers and other designers, did collaborations with brands like: Lacoste, Kova&T, was the first Russian designer to be sold in a high end Paris Department Store “Collete” and took part in Paris, London, Milan fashion weeks.

In future she wants to develop her brand in a successful business that will be appreciated by Russian people as nowadays Russian dont really like wearing local designers, also  brand  “Vika Gazinskaya” is completely a part of Vikas identity, she wears all of the things that she designs and they work well with her personality

Some of Vika’s personal Style:

with her co-partner Miroslava Duma



Vika’s latest collection:

was inspired by architecture and space stuff

inspiration for the latest collection

Vika’s making her display for Collete store:

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Jimi Hendrix – Style Star Experience

Along with other hippie/musicians Jimi Hendrix can be a great example not only of an amazing guitar sound but a very unique and deliberate style.

The best way to describe Jimie’s style is to look at the style of the era he lived in. It’s a mixture of 2 major influences of the time: eclectic boho and gloomy rock.

My favorite thing about Jimi and his style is that it was 100% unedited Jimi.  Lately celebrities change their style according to their mercantile purposes let’s not forget Lady Gaga and all that jazz … as you now before she became Gaga she was just like everyone else.

I very much doubt that he had a stylist or a PR person telling him what is best for him to wear in order to gain a bigger exposure,  it wasn’t about that it was about doing your own thing regardless what a reaction might be, however reaction mostly was highly positive

A little background information on Jimi:

James Marshall Hendrix was born on November 27 1942 in Seattle, Washington  and started his music career in yearly 60’s before that he spent a few years in US army.

So here are some of Jimi’s style must haves :

Military jacket

colorful shirt

Bell bottom jeans

fringe and bandage

photo-shoot of Jimi and "the experience" gang


One of a few  interviews  with Hendrix  where interviewer briefly talks about Hendrix style :


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Putting together a look

i decided to take a different approach to the task and went to one of the department stores in a search for  a  new look

however, most of the items do belong to me

1st look:

jeans:  Gap

tank top: Nicole Farhi

vest/blazer thing: Nicole Farhi

shoes: no name flip flops

earrings: no name

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Second Assignment: Audrey Hepburn-Style Star

1. Short Biography and First Steps in acting

Born on May 4, 1929, in Brussels, Belgium.

Audrey had to go thru World War 2, face very tense relationships with her mother, get an eating disorder and sacrifice her personal life in order to become one of the worlds most famous actresses and a fashion icon to many woman out there.

When Audrey was little her mother would tell her that Audrey’s dad left them because she gained weight. She made Audrey so scared of the idea that she can be left by everyone just because of her weight that for her entire life Audrey’s weight would be 46kg. It played a bad joke with her when she couldn’t get pregnant but I guess because of being so fragile and different she managed to stand out of other curvy actresses.

She made her first movie appearance in “One Wild Oat” (1951) but her first and most important role was in “Roman Holiday”(1953) and not only it became one of the hollywood golden classics movies but it gave Audrey a start to being an actress and a style icon. She had to cut  her hair quite short because of the movie what was very unusual at that time as everyone was going for gorgeous blond curls.

photo from the movie "Roman Holiday"

But one of the first star/style  moments that happened  to Audrey was at Academy Awards 1954 when she not only received an award as “Best Actress” but left everyone speechless by wearing gorgeous Givenchy gown

wearing Givenchy at Academy Awards

Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. Alliance and Friendship.

Photo of Audrey and Hubert together

They first met in 1953 during the shoot of the film “Sabrina”.
Audrey flew to Paris  to see him.  Givenchy did not expect Audrey. He was in the middle of putting together his new collection. He suggested to Audrey to choose anything she liked from his current collection, a suggestion that satisfied her. According to Givenchy, Audrey knew exactly what she wanted to have, as well as the fine points and faults of her body. She only wanted to adapt some designs… This would eventually become an incredibly popular fashion style named after the film.
“Sabrina” would win only one Oscar, for the costume designs, and Edith Head would take all the credit. Audrey Hepburn felt very sorry for Givenchy, she called him immediately in Paris to apologize. Audrey and Hubert would be friends afterwards


Audrey wearing Hubert's dress in "Sabrina"

But apart from designing clothes for Audrey’s movies Hubert helped her with her own wardrobe.

Here are some pictures from polyvore that show Audrey’s personal style very well

simple, basic items, neutral colors

trench coat, flats, scarf tied around her head, huge eyewear

Obviously Givenchy didn’t design all of her wardrobe but he was the one to teach her how to combine and play around with things, how to look chic but simple

A few other pieces that Givenchy designed specifically for Audrey

Dress by Givenchy that Audrey wore in Paris in 1966

Givenchy silk gown that Audrey Hepburn wore in 1967

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Even though Audrey is a remarkable actress and played in many amazing movies , a movie that still makes her famous among young people is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. He chic and spontaneous  Holly Golightly character became a legend and inspires people nowadays. Also the movie is responsible for raising the popularity of “Tiffany and Co”

"Holly" is having breakfast at Tiffany's wearing Givenchy dress

Another gorgeous look from the movie

Natalie Portman wearing a dress from the movie

I found an amazing  documentary on youtube where it describes in great details what Audrey’s style was

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Trend Spotting: Bangkok

  1. Plaid and Tartan Tales

Tartan and Plaid were a huge trend back in 2008/2009 along with the nerdy look. I guess tartan/plaid madness is coming back in fashion..well at least in BKK, on a hot sunday morning at siam square there were lot’s of people wearing different types of plaid and tartan

Rock Chic

I feel that  plaid print  is  mostly worn together with shorts and a pair of converse or campers so it was nice to see a different approach to this trend.

casual way to wear plaid

A slightly different way of wearing plaid. As thai people love wearing shorts i feel that it’s also a very predictable one , however it only proves that plaid is in trend.

Just another casual plaid look

2. Goyard Tote

Along with other  “It Bags” Goyard tote has been on bangkoks fashion scene for a while.

So no wonder you can still find loads of people carrying it.

Goyard tote in copper color

Goyard tote in blue color

Goyard tote in brown color

3. Get the stripes right!

cute stripy jumpsuit

Jumpsuit is a huge trend in bangkok, so we can assume that the girl is keeping up with the latest fashions since she has both of the trends in one look, i like the jacket over the jumpsuit as it gives a hint of military to the look

matching a stripy skirt with some funky t-shirt

Funky but yet casual look, love how she pared a stripy skirt with this really cool t-shirt, ghetto jewelry adds edginess to the look

keeping it simple by wearing a black cardigan over a dress

A very neutral  way to wear stripes,  i like that the girl didn’t go for black or white sandals otherwise the entire look  would be overdone.


Overall i spotted 3 trends, 2 print trends, and one accessories trend. It seems that bangkokers are big of following pattern trends  since they are easy to copy, “it bags” are also a very important part of  bangkok’s  fashion.


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